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Ancient Wisdom Clarity Bath Salts

Extracted straight from the preserved salt flats of the Himalayas, the bath salts contain 83 minerals, each with powerful healing, relaxing and beautifying properties. The salt flats are preserved by a thick lava which protects the rocks from modern day pollutants, allowing them to maintain purity for maximum benefits.Along with the harmonious balance of minerals, the bath salts are infused with a sweet blend of rosemary and clary sage essential oils, for a truly opulent bathing experience. Essential oils are extracted from plants and are clean from chemical contamination, providing naturally beautiful scents and possessing a broad array of aromatherapeutic capabilities. The salts are also combined with a base olive oil for improved moisture and benefits.

Rosemary essential oil is dedicated to clarity and was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans as an aid in achieving this, as well as strengthening memory. Research indicates that inhaling rosemary oil helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a brain chemical promoting active thinking, concentration and memory.
Clary sage oil has sedative qualities, known to calm nerves and combat feelings of anxiety, stress and depression for a soothing experience. It also offers great hormonal support and encourages a state of hormonal equilibrium.Olive oil contains a rich amount of squalene, a substance which mimics your natural sebum leaving a residue or barrier over the skin which not only improves softness, but protects the epidermis from environmental toxins.


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