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Indian Head Massage | Anchor the Sole Dublin 15

Indian Head Massage is an Ayurvedic massage therapy in which the upper-back, arms, head, neck and face are massaged with or without the use of oils using a range of massage techniques. The goal is to clear blocks in the meridians (energy channels) that cause a build-up of negative energy that are purported to cause ailments. The belief is that when the energy does not flow properly, negative energy builds up, causing common ailments, including stress and pain.
Indian head massage stimulates the nerves from the head area. This helps you to relax which, in turn, improves mental and physical health. It also increases circulation, exfoliates the scalp and nourishes the hair.
During this treatment, the therapist uses a range of different movements including application of deep kneading and compression movements over the neck, shoulder and scalp areas. In addition, the therapist will also gently stimulate and stroke pressure points on the face. The session will usually last 45 minutes.

Many clients of Indian Head Massage report the following benefits:
• Relieves tension throughout the entire body.
• Improvement in blood and lymphatic circulation, promoting swift removal of toxins from the body
• Improvement in joint movement.
• Relief from headache, eye strain, sinusitis, jaw ache & tinnitus.
• Improvement in quality of sleep
• Relaxation
• Promotion of a sense of calmness and tranquility.

PRICE: €55

About Your Therapist

Tina Forrester Walsh has been practicing holistic therapies for many years. Her experience has led her to practicing therapies in a variety of health and social care settings, including both special needs and cancer care. Tina is trained in traditional in traditional foot reflexology, Bergman method Facial Reflexology, Indian head massage and facial cupping.
Tina’s specialty is her 90-minute bespoke combination session, which offers clients a combination of all the treatments mentioned above. Tina is warm, kind and intuitive. She has the capacity to put you at ease almost instantly! Tina is also member of the National Register of Reflexologists in Ireland.