What does ‘Wellness’ mean to you?

Yoga, Cacao, Crystals, Sharing Circles, Meditation, sound baths, holistic therapies, readings, essential oils, gratitude lists, exercise, sea swimming ……. I could go on and on. Will doing these things make me feel better? You might be asking yourself. They might, is the reply I would give you. And they might not. And that’s ok too.

Wellness is multidimensional. It is not just physical. Or emotional. Or spiritual. It takes a holistic approach.
Most models of wellness include at least 6 dimensions. The Global Wellness Institute lists these dimensions as the following:

• Physical: A healthy body through exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.
• Mental: Engagement with the world through learning, problem-solving, creativity, etc.
• Emotional: Being in touch with, aware of, accepting of, and able to express one’s feelings (and those of others).
• Spiritual: Our search for meaning and purpose in human existence.
• Social: Connecting with, interacting with, and contributing to other people and our communities.
• Environmental: A healthy physical environment free of hazards; awareness of the role we play in bettering rather than denigrating the natural environment.

Wellness an extremely broad term. And one that is so individual. My wellness needs and priorities are probably not the same as yours. And that’s ok. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same.

There can be significant external pressures through advertising campaigns and social media influence that attempt to tell us what we need or what we ‘should’ be doing for our wellness. They often tap into our vulnerabilities. Our insecurities. Our wishes to ‘fit in’ and be just like everyone else. We can doubt our own insights and abilities to know what is right for us. What is good for us. But we are the experts of our own lives. We have lived in our bodies and in our minds and our guts have a powerful way of telling us if something is right for us or not.
As much as the ‘wellness expert’ might have a wealth of information about the benefits of specific products or activities, that doesn’t make them an expert on what you need.

How about taking a bit of time to ask yourself what exactly it is you feel you need. Is that coaching subscription giving you what you need? Is that expensive mug of Cacao really giving you the ‘heart opening’ experience that so many talk about or are you just feeding a ‘Cashcow’?? Are you actually feeling the benefits of your wellness plan? Just because something is trendy, it doesn’t mean it always beneficial!